Media Inquiries

Akrimax welcomes inquiries from members of the media and will respond in a timely manner. The contact information listed below is for use by media professionals only. If you are not a media professional (reporter, editor, blogger, producer, freelance writer, etc.), please visit our Contact Us page so that your inquiry can be directed appropriately.

Resources for Reporters

We provide background information to members of the media about many Akrimax products and the diseases that they treat. These materials include fact sheets, press kits and other resources. If you are interested in these materials, please send your written request to:

Akrimax Media Inquiries:

  • By phone at: (908) 372 – 0506
  • By Fax at (908) 272 – 3084
  • By email at:

Please indicate the publication or media outlet that you are writing for and when your work is likely to appear.