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Akrimax Pharmaceuticals Announces Launch of In-Office Advertising Program for Tirosint® (Levothyroxine Sodium) Capsules

Waiting room video advertisement and exam room tablet experience educate patients on Tirosint®

Cranford, NJ (June, 2015) – Akrimax Pharmaceuticals, LLC announced today that, in conjunction with ContextMedia:Health, they have launched an in-office advertising program for Tirosint® (levothyroxine sodium) capsules, a unique medication for patients with hypothyroidism. Click here to see Tirosint® Full Prescribing Information including Black Box Warning.

A select group of 425 sponsored doctors offices across the United States have agreed to play a two-minute long Tirosint® video advertisement, every half hour, on their waiting area television monitors. The video addresses some of the common issues patients experience when taking thyroid medications. The video encourages patients to discuss Tirosint® with their doctor. Patients can also take home a Tirosint® informational brochure along with a Tirosint® savings card.

Another aspect of the ContextMedia:Health point-of-care advertising program is an exam room tablet experience containing non-branded and branded information, as well as a link directly to These tablets are in 400 of the sponsored doctors offices and will be set up in exam rooms with a site that encourages patients to explore information displayed on them about hypothyroidism and Tirosint®.

“We look forward to educating patients with hypothyroidism on how to improve their treatment path based on the information provided by our in-office advertising program,” said Jessica Goldenberg, Product Manager of Akrimax Pharmaceuticals. “We hope that this encourages patients to be their own advocate when it comes to treating their condition. Providing these resources in the physician’s waiting area allows patients to educate themselves prior to being seen by their doctor, and helps physicians to identify patients who would benefit most from Tirosint®.”

The launch of the in-office advertising program for Tirosint® began on May 12th. Based on preliminary feedback, positive interaction has been seen in patients who were exposed to this point-of-care advertising.

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About ContextMedia:Health

ContextMedia:Health focuses on engineering high levels of patient engagement through technological innovation at the point-of-care. They own and operate an array of digital healthcare networks, bringing contextually relevant health education & brand messaging to patients when and where they need it, by partnering with 70+ health content publishers. They currently work with 100+ health brands across 28 of the top 30 global pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, delivering an average of 5:1 ROI on it’s fully customizable marketing programs. Now with the largest digital footprint in the US, ContextMedia:Health impacts 121+ million annual patient visits at over 10,000 hospitals and health systems.

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